Message from Managing Director

With my long walking through the business I earned a lot of experience but I perceive few principles for successful business. These are the struggle, punctuality, honesty, and commitment. If you explore the life of any successful man, you will get them following these principles. And I also get the business a worthy way to serve the people, the nation.
From my early beginning of the business career, I gathered a lot of experience in construction. Now, I’m with my young, energetic, highly experienced, educated, creative team of professional implementing our knowledge in “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd”. Professionalism is our strength and capital to build a better future for our clients. Our deliberate leadership makes us unique in real estate and construction field.

Now a day, Dhaka becoming a megacity and human habitation also increasing day by day in other cities. There housing, to be more specific a healthy, elegant habitat is first and foremost concern that should be solved. Like other well-established private read estate company, “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd” is committed to contributing to solving this problem. Surely present practice of real estate business evolves out of the older ones by using modern technology, innovation, creativity and to poise the ambiance of the city.

Excellent goodwill in the market, corporate practice, well trained & motivated personnel and commitment are the capital of “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd”. Our strong financial fundamentals help us to complete our project within the committed period and to hand over the apartment and commercial space to our clients duly time. We have an excellent plan to use SMART HOME technology in our project within very short time.

We have vision and dream. We think green. Let’s make your sweet home with “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd”.


Kabir Hossain
Managing Director