Welcome to Pretty Homes and Technology

Bangladesh, a land of 147,570 now a day has been considering the rising economical power of Asia. This is a land of vast opportunity. Approximately 160 million people live in Bangladesh and day by day people becoming urban centric. So, accommodation is the biggest challenge for these people.

“Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd.” believes well planed, qualified, state-of-art structured, and with all kind of modern facilities a place, that we define as home, can be provided to the urbanities within their ability range. And we also believe this can be possible by “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd”, because we have the specialized worker, a multi-disciplinary group of experienced professionals under its competent management, strong leadership, and of course the ambition to serve the nation.

Our main concern is to provide our clients the best product and service. Our responsibility not only to meet up the growing accommodation, housing problems in Dhaka but also to provide the best, prestigious place of living to our clients. Our state-of-art designed structure, implementation of all modern technologies, and an innovative team of expert make our every project an ideal place of living. So, we can proudly declare that living in “Pretty Homes”, living in most prestigious home.

What is the specialty of “Pretty Homes & Technology Ltd”? From the very begging of our journey from its past long practical experience and is serious in question of firm commitments to hand-over its ready flats, high rise commercials and office spaces in due course of time as exactly our committed time. It means you can invest your life long saving to us. Our quality of work and cost effective client’s friendly scheme also make us special.

We also assist customers to obtain loan from Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation

Ltd. (DBH), National Housing & Financial Corporation, Industrial Development & leasing corporation (IDLC), Standard Chartered Banks and other Financial Institution.

We don’t believe in word. We believe in work. Live at Pretty homes, live at most prestigious home.