good teams stay as even keel

Had a lot of peaks and valleys. The good teams stay as even keel as possible. We did that in spurts, but there were too many games we just let slip away just because of small details that we probably harped upon a million times in practice, but just didn get it done.

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That will put pressure on a mediocre ground game, and with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram causing trouble in the interior, points may not be easy to come by for this visitor. There a fatigue factor for Eagles, who are flying west after a tough divisional matchup against the Giants in a game that required a 61 yard field goal as time ran out for a win. The Eagles are a poor travelling team, with just two covers in their previous nine road games..

Don Zimmer, Don Baylor, Lou Piniella, Bobby Cox were all great, and the list really goes on and on. They all inspired me and I remember as I got older I really sat in the dugout and tried to manage the game. I would tell guys, “You better get ready to pinch hit,” and sure enough the manager would call on them to hit.

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The under 17 FIFA World Cup takes place in India this October. It is by far the most consequential footballing event to be hosted by us, certainly in recent decades and perhaps of all time. Some might say, like the ISL claimed when it launched, that it will herald a soccer revolution in our country.