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Krauss Alaska Native Language Archive dedication ceremony Friday evening, February 22, 2013 in the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The archives, located on the second level of the library, were renamed in honor of Krauss, a UAF professor emeritus whose support for the documentation of Alaska Native languages has led to the ANLA becoming one of the premier repositories for indigenous language materials in the world.

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It might not even be a surprise that Michael Sam’s St. Louis Rams’ jersey is the No. 2 seller considering he is the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL, opening up the league to some who might not have followed it closely before. “I had a phase of about four or five years of writing songs about cars,” Berry told an interviewer in 1967, describing “a yearning which I had since I was aged seven to drive about in a car. I first started driving at 17 one year earlier than I should have.” Berry’s first hit to mention “rock and roll” is also his purest expression of the speed and freedom and joy and power of driving. His music publisher sued John Lennon for inserting a version of the line “here come a flat top/ he come a movin’ up with me” into “Come Together”; as part of the settlement, John had to record wholesale jerseys “You Can’t Catch Me” for his oldies collection, Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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